Membership & Services

TAM affiliate members are provided with information of the latest and greatest of what the telecommunications industry has to offer. As such, members would undoubtedly have a competitive edge in the ever expanding and fast-moving telecommunications industry in both a local and global scale. TAM members are always in the forefront helping to accelerate to advancement of the industry. 


The benefits of a TAM membership are as follows:


  • -Exposure to ground breaking research and analysis on telecommunications innovation


  • -Access to cutting-edge industry education modules for you and your employees


  • -Access to critical intelligence on the current trends of the industries which will influence the development of your company


  • -Networking opportunities, develop relationships with other technology and business leaders


  • -Members will also arbitrary receive newsletters updating them on the latest issues and items of interest in the telecommunications industry 

TAM's membership initiative will contribute towards TAM's effort towards the fruition of the TAM's mission and vision. Having a rich membership ecosystem will also help contribute towards a solid foundation for a platform to introduce telecommunications eccentric jobs to talented individuals on both a local and international scale .

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